Recovery from your Eating Disorder is Possible

Individual and Family Support


As a Certified Professional Coach, I provide a service very different from traditional therapy and Eating Disorder Support.  

Coaching support is offered on many different platforms.  A few of these include, but are not limited to phone and FaceTime conversations, your home or preferred place of meeting, or my local Keller, Texas office.

Listen to the link below for a thorough description of my practice!

Young Adults


In today's society, learning to "adult" can be a difficult transition for anyone.

I will help explore the next chapter in your journey and assist in the everyday struggle of figuring out "What Comes Next?"

Real World Support


A coach is equipped and trained to meet you in Your World - your home, work environment, meal breaks and even professional and personal events. 

As a trained support partner, I will assist  with the day to day struggles holding you back from your goals.

Meal Support


I am uniquely qualified to assist and partner with you in grocery shopping, meal preparation and planning, cooking, restaurant outings and much more!

Special Events


Whether you are attending a wedding,  business trip or just a night out, I can be an on-site accountability partner.

You can count on me to assist you in person if needed when your treatment team might not be available - electronically, on the phone or right where you are.

Treatment Team Advocate


An individual's treatment team is key to recovery.  A coach will be the cohesive glue as a proponent of communication between doctors, therapists and dietitians.     

I will help you and your treatment team as well as any other professionals involved - working toward the common agreed upon goals.