Personal Testimonials from former Clients


I met Shannon Herman when my daughter was very sick.  We had no idea which direction to turn or what to do.  She was patient and knowledgeable and created a team of professionals for us that ultimately saved our daughters life.  We are forever grateful to her expertise and how she loved our family during the most difficult days of our life!  

~Grateful Mama

I came to Shannon very sick, tired and hopeless. She helped me see that I could turn my life around. It took awhile for me to open up but she had so much patience for me and I always felt like she truly cared about my life, about me. I knew I was safe with her and I needed that to help untangle my past and make the choices I needed to move forward. My time seeing Shannon was huge stepping stones to where I didn’t see possible and I thank God for her, her knowledge, her strength and true caring of me. I wasn’t just another client or patient in her doors. I was an important life that mattered.

Just a few weeks after my sixteenth birthday, I was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa. After leaving that first appointment with Shannon, my life forever changed. A major component of having an eating disorder are the misbeliefs – the belief that there is no problem – and those misbeliefs become our truths. I could not see how sick I was, but by the grace of Jesus I was in Shannon’s office when my world seemed to crumble from the inside out. Shannon sat with me, listened to me, spoke truth into me, grieved and celebrated with me, and walked alongside me into recovery. Her counsel will forever be one of the sweetest gifts someone has given me, as I have been able to celebrate six years of recovery from ED. 

lots of love and admiration, MW 

Six months before I lost my mom to suicide, she sought help for us and made my first appointment with Shannon. From that moment on my life was forever changed. At the time I was 15 years old and did not realize how severely I was affected by depression and anxiety. Shannon reasoned with me and was able to give me the tools and confidence to change my life and stay on the right path. We have cried, prayed and rejoiced together over the past 12 years. Her devotion to her clients is tangible and the success I have achieved due to her guidance is infinite. Knowing Shannon is the sweetest gift my mom could have ever given me, and I will forever cherish our time together. 

~Forever changed, S. L.

I never thought I would be free from my Eating Disorder.  Shannon helped me to find healing for many of my core negative beliefs.  Shannon is compassionate and loving.  I am grateful for the times that Shannon was able to challenge me as well as the times that she listened and offered me the empathy I needed.  Shannon led me to have hope for freedom from my Eating Disorder. My life is changed having worked with Shannon Herman.  I could go on forever about the value of the work I did while working with Shannon. Shannon is easy to talk to, caring and kind.  She is skilled at leading women into the Freedom they are looking for.


After years of struggling with an eating disorder, Shannon was the first person in my life to provide me with a safe place to identify and address underlying issues. Our work together was invaluable in my healing journey & I have never hesitated to refer others to her!

SO Shannon basically ruined my ability to disconnect from the world... Previously, I was able to remain stoic through almost anything and now I can't stop myself from ugly crying at the end of the Mr. Rogers documentary.  Darn her and her ability to reconnect to my emotions and more importantly, find worth in myself.

Stay Tuned!

More Testimonials to come!  If you would like to write your own testimonial about the work we did together, please send me a text - I would LOVE to catch up with you!